April 19th, 2014
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when your otp does the forehead touching thing (◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿)


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December 23rd, 2013

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December 22nd, 2013

one graphic per episode

1x03 | The Revelation


one graphic per episode

1x03 | The Revelation

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November 14th, 2013

On the outside, Korra is tough, hot-headed character who is mentally strong. But at the point when she turned into a child, Korra was alone, powerless and terrified. Korra was scared and confused; she felt almost childish on the inside because of how helpless she was. As a result, her emotions of feeling childish and inexperienced became a reality and she was physically portrayed as a child. What this did was symbolize just how vulnerable she was at the time. But once Korra realized that she would be able make it to the Spirit Portals and fulfill her goal, she transformed back the confident, headstrong teenager she really is. Rather than allowing Korra to show her emotions at a basic level, the episode took the scenario much deeper and showed how Korra truly felt.” (read more)

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November 2nd, 2013

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October 29th, 2013
October 27th, 2013

Janet Varney as Korra (x)
Kickstarter campaign (x)

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